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The Kentucky Distillers’ Association was founded in 1880.

Since 1880, the Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) has represented the vital bourbon industry of Kentucky. As a nonprofit trade association, the KDA both promotes and protects its members, which include most distilleries in the commonwealth.

Along with bourbon-makers, the organization has recruited other bourbon-adjacent businesses to help continue its advocacy efforts, and CaskX is proud to announce we have joined the KDA in 2022 as an industry partner.

For a quick explanation of industry partners, here’s an excerpt from their correspondence:

“The Industry Membership includes individuals and businesses that are directly involved with Kentucky’s signature bourbon and distilled spirits industry. Even though these companies do not operate within distilling or the rectifying of alcohol, they provide support to the industry and currently work with many of our members.”

Kentucky Distillers’ Association

The KDA not only facilitates a bi-annual economic impact report on the bourbon industry, but it also created and maintains the popular Kentucky Bourbon Trail® in 1999 and later the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour® in 2012. These two tourism-based initiatives highlight 37 member distilleries, with many more on the way.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail stop
The KDA started the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 1999. | Courtesy of KDA

The KDA also champions for the industry by challenging archaic laws and working with regional and national elected officials on industry-supportive legislation.

According to its website, these are the fundamentals of the KDA:

Our Mission: We passionately and responsibly promote, protect and elevate Kentucky’s signature bourbon and distilled spirits industry.

Our Vision: We are globally recognized as the most effective and respected voice of Kentucky’s signature bourbon and distilled spirits industry.

Our Purpose: We unite and lead Kentucky’s bourbon and distilled spirits industry.

Kentucky Distillers’ Association

Bourbon is an $8.6 billion signature industry in Kentucky, so the importance of an esteemed trade association like the KDA is understandable.

CaskX is thrilled to be part of such a historical and highly respected organization, and we look forward to working with its members for the foreseeable future.

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