Silverback 2023 Whiskey Casks

Explore A New Barrel Investment Offering From The Blue Ridge Mountains

CaskX is honored to collaborate with Silverback Distillery, offering discerning investors a golden opportunity to acquire a selection of freshly distilled casks. These casks encapsulate the very essence of Silverback’s award-winning Blackback Bourbon recipe. Considering the distillery’s legacy and its nationwide recognition, these whiskey batches are primed to be the pinnacle of whiskey for aficionados around the globe once they age to perfection between 4-10 years.

With the whiskey wave continuing to surge, most distilleries are operating at their zenith, with no capacity left for new production until at least 2024. This exclusive cask selection from Silverback Distillery is a rare gem – a chance to lay hands on a globally acclaimed spirit that’s on the ascent.

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