MGP 2021 Bourbon Barrel Investment Offering

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Invest In Bourbon From A Distillery Known For Producing Over 50 Top Brands

CaskX is excited to offer a new bourbon investment offering from the world-renowned MGP Distillery. MGP is the largest whiskey contract distiller in the world, producing bourbons, whiskeys and other spirits for more than 50 top brands today, including Bulleit Rye, High West, George Remus and more.

The latest portfolio offers the opportunity to invest in bourbon barrels from MGP each containing a total of over 120 litres of alcohol. The liquid was distilled in 2021 using a mash bill composed of 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley. Prior to maturation, the casks would each yield a quantity of approximately 266 bottles at cask strength of 60.00% or 400 bottles at 40% ABV. .

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