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CaskX works directly with Bourbon distilleries across the United States in order to offer investment portfolios of full barrels of high quality Bourbon Whiskey.

Partner distilleries offer investors the opportunity to purchase full barrels of newly distilled Bourbon, store the barrels in distillery warehouses and sell in the future after the spirit has appreciated in value.

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Investment Spotlight:
Kentucky Artisan Distillery

Hear from one of our distillery partners about the future of the bourbon industry and how CaskX is playing an important role.

SEC-Compliant Investments

CaskX offerings are fully SEC-compliant with investors further protected by stringent federal regulations governing production, transportation and distribution of each barrel. Investments are accompanied by detailed certificates and documentation, providing complete transparency and peace of mind.

Strengthen Your Portfolio

Investing in bourbon barrels offers the opportunity to strengthen your portfolio with an investment that naturally gets better with time. As the distilled spirit inside the barrel interacts with the charred wood, the liquid continues to increase in flavor, rarity and value. No matter what the future holds for financial markets or digital assets, whiskey is an asset that has historically offered an unparalleled level of stability.

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