Building Whisky Cask Portfolios For Investors Around The World

Entering the whisky world will be one of the most fulfilling and fun adventures you undertake. To help you understand every part of the process, we’ve documented all the information you will need to make the start of your cask portfolio as smooth as possible.


We Source Whisky Casks

Through our relationships and ties in the global whisky industry we have access to the best deals. Instead of brokering, we purchase these in bulk in order to secure the best deals at the best prices for our clients.


Anyone Can Invest

From newly distilled whisky to well-aged stock, we have casks for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner in whisky, a fan-turned-investor, or a seasoned collector, we have something for you.


Whisky Continues To Age

Whisky maturation is halted after bottling. Casks, however, continue to mature as time passes. The longer one waits, the older and more valuable the whisky within the cask will become. The phrase has never been truer, with cask investing, time is money.


Monetising Your Investment

At Cask X, our client relationships extend beyond the purchase. We stay with you every step of the way, throughout the years, right down to the time you wish to monetise your investment. We’ll help you resell, bottle, and distribute your cask portfolio when the whisky has come of age.


The business of whisky and how investors play an important role

Take a closer look at the reasons why distilleries sell casks and the critical role these investments play in the future success of the industry.

Cash Flow

Any business, including both old and new distilleries, needs cash to run. Whisky, however, needs to mature for three years before it can even be called whisky. This is law, but several more years are usually necessary for the liquid to reach optimal colour and flavour. During this important time, distilleries choose to sell new make and young casks in order to remain operational. This is where investors comes in. Selling casks keep the lights on for new, exciting distilleries and investors make that a possibility. Join a new distillery and become a part of the exciting journey ahead. Investment and adventure, all in one place.

Increased Distribution

Independent bottling companies purchase casks from distilleries in bulk, blend the whisky, bottle it, and build new brands. Most bottlers select only the finest casks and have built powerful product ranges centered around strict quality standards. These companies often have ties with distilleries which span back decades, and tend to trade casks as a side business to their own labels. After distilleries, these companies are the one of our main sources of casks.

Brand Growth

Beyond monetary aspects, selling casks to investors and independent bottlers helps distilleries diversify and reach out further, taking their brand to the next level. Casks sales, auctions, and independent bottlers often add value to a brand, and send bottle and cask prices soaring. This, in turn, increases the value of our clients’ portfolios.


We purchase only casks from top performing distilleries

We only offer casks from top performing distilleries. Performance, branding, marketing, everything comes into play.

Distillery Popularity

Across retailers, social media, coverage, and whisky communities we find which distilleries have the largest and most loyal fan bases. We gauge popularity and seek out rising stars to offer our clients casks with the most potential to grow.

Growth Projections

Looking over the past two decades in the whisky industry, current trends, and the global economy we create growth estimations to help clients understand the profit potential of each cask they buy.

Market Demand

We seek out whisky brands that are rising, yet have not reached their peak. Looking at core bottle prices, auction results, and secondary trading we examine the market demand for every brand we work with.


How we provide investors with unrivaled value

We strive to provide investors with unparalleled transparency, secure storage and planned monetisation strategies.

Online Access

Our online platform allows you to easily browse, organize, and examine your cask portfolio, making it easier to make informed decisions.

10 Year Storage Included

All portfolios include a 10 year storage plan. This allows the whisky to mature and transform bringing flavour, colour and value to the cask. Casks aren’t released until they have reached their ultimate potential.

Planned Liquidity

Trading managers are always available to discuss any issues you may have. We have numerous strategies in place for the day you decide to liquidate your portfolio, ask us about them!


The benefits of diversifying an investment portfolio with whisky casks

Learn why leading investors have called whisky casks the ultimate safe-haven investment.


Wealth Protection

Historically, whisky has always maintained value under all economic cycles making it the ideal safe-haven asset.


Consistent Returns

Watch your portfolio rise in value each year.


Guaranteed Provenance

Our due diligence is unwavering. Always get what you pay for.


Natural Appreciation

Time will age the whisky, a consistent catalyst.


Surging Demand

Whisky has grown remarkably, and the growth continues.


Limited Supply

The best brands have very limited casks to go around, and we have secured enough for you.


Ease Of Exit

Liquidate your investments with ease and pre-prepared strategies, when the time is right.



Learn, grow, and understand one of the most exciting and eventful new investment categories.