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Acquisition, Monitoring & Monetization

Complete Barreled Spirits Portfolio Management

CaskX helps investors by overseeing all stages of investment in barreled single malt scotch whisky, bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, Japanese whisky and more. Let our team guide you through the complete lifecycle of acquisition, monitoring, monetization and re-investment in order to maximize your returns.

Barreled Spirits Portfolio Management

Bourbon vs Scotch

While single malt scotch whisky has reigned as the undisputed champion of the spirits world, bourbon is gradually gaining prominence and has become one of the fastest growing spirits segments. Both categories offer unique advantages to investors. CaskX leverages combinations of both investment types to build portfolios that both protect wealth and achieve exceptional returns.

Bourbon vs Scotch

Experience Your Investment

CaskX takes a financial minded approach to investing in bourbon and scotch casks, but that doesn’t mean it’s all business. Making an investment in casks allows investors to experience the romanticism of whiskey in a new way.

Investors can request samples of portfolio holdings, receive photos of casks or even arrange a distillery visit to draw a glass fromthe cask themselves. While this is completely optional, investors who would like to become more involved in their investment are encouraged to join the journey.

Investment Benefits