2020 Whisky Cask Investment Guide

Learn how to invest in casks of whisky from leading Scottish distilleries.

This extensive 42-page guide highlights the historical growth of whisky, the expected investment benefits of whisky casks and how investors can start building their own portfolio.

CaskX Whisky Cask Investment Guide Download

Discover Why Whisky Casks Are The Ultimate Safe-Haven Investment

Get started on your path to understanding the business of the whisky industry and the important role that cask investors will play in potential future growth. By downloading this 42-page guide you will learn why investors around the world are building portfolios of whisky casks in order to safeguard and grow wealth during the current economic climate. Don’t miss your opportunity to dig deeper in this investment.

In this complimentary guide you will learn:

  • How the historical growth of whisky casks compares to stocks, bonds, property and other tangibles.
  • Why whisky casks offer guaranteed authenticity due to oversight by Scottish government.
  • How whisky cask investment can be used as a powerful wealth preservation and estate planning tool.
  • Why whisky casks offer exceptional liquidity and what exit strategies are available to monetise your investment

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Accredited Investor Requirements

CaskX offerings are available exclusively to accredited investors. As per SEC requirements, you must meet one of the following requirements to qualify as an accredited investor.