Corsair Distillery

New Corsair Distillery Offerings Coming Soon

CaskX is delighted to announce a partnership with Corsair to offer early access to the distillery’s remaining 2023 production. By placing a reservation prior to distillation, investors can secure a portfolio of full barrels from a distillery which has won more than 800 awards, at special pre-launch pricing.

With more than a decade of expertise, an established product line and a strong brand identity, Corsair has ambitious goals to expand their presence even further on an international scale. And now, you can join the Corsair journey at a pivotal time in this expansion.

If you’d like to get priority access to this barrel offering, enter your information here to join the wait list.

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Accredited Investor Requirements

CaskX offerings are available exclusively to accredited investors. As per SEC requirements, you must meet one of the following requirements to qualify as an accredited investor.