About Us

We’re making it possible for everyone to invest in whisky casks from leading distilleries.

For too long, building a portfolio of whisky casks has been out of reach for most private investors due to limited access and a lack of transparency in the industry. CaskX is opening the door to top tier whisky cask investments for everyone. With CaskX you can unlock the power of whisky.

Our Story

For centuries whisky has continued to rise in prominence around the globe, becoming a legendary spirit that is lauded by everyone from kings and celebrities to ordinary blue collar workers. It’s an inclusive drink that can appeal to all types of palates, cultures and price points.

But the real beauty is the effort behind each expression. The delicate and intricate process through which whisky comes to life truly capture the best characteristics of human ingenuity, craftsmanship, art and romance.

With each sip you can taste the dedication and years of stringent care that go into each drop. It’s a drink that can only be created with time, getting better and better as the years go by.

From the complex flavors to its emotional appeal, there have always been countless reasons to love whisky. But, now there is one more reason to love whisky. For investment.

CaskX was founded at the crossroads of passion and finance. While our team has always loved whisky, it wasn’t until 2010 that we were first introduced to one of the most profound discoveries of our lives: individuals could purchase and own entire casks of whisky.

For over 30 years we had been immersed in the world of tangible assets, but we had never seen an opportunity like this. Whereas most tangible assets remain the same, whisky casks were an investment that continued to get better with time. Since whisky continues to develop flavor and appreciate in value only while contained within the cask, this creates a very interesting dynamic for investors.

As we dug deeper, we discovered that whisky casks had been sold to private individuals for centuries in order to provide the cashflow that distilleries needed to survive. The only problem was that up until this point cask investment was limited to insiders, large dealers and institutional buyers. There were only a select few with access to this lucrative industry.

CaskX set out to challenge these long-standing conventions and give investors around the world access to whisky cask investing. No matter where you live, CaskX gives you the opportunity to start building a profitable portfolio of whisky casks.

When it comes to the world of alternative assets, the CaskX team stands apart with an unparalleled scope of knowledge that bridges finance and whisky with an innovative approach to investing.


Founded by a team passionate about whisky and seasoned in alternative investments, CaskX is the first company specialising in the sale of whisky cask portfolios to investors in the United States and Australia.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, our team has over 75+ combined years experience in whisky and alternative investments.





Jon Reade

Managing Director


Mr. Reade is one of the leading tangible asset investment specialists on the planet. By leveraging his proven strategies he has helped hundreds of investors around the globe protect wealth and generate consistent returns. For the past 5 years he has combined his passion for whisky and finance to identify whisky cask investment opportunities that insulate investors from the volatility of traditional asset classes.

Scott Ross

Sales Director


Mr. Ross has more than 20 years of experience helping investors leverage alternative assets to build well diversified portfolios that safeguard wealth and deliver robust annual returns. Scott is known as one of the first financial experts to recommend whisky casks as part of a broader investment strategy that is designed to deliver consistent and stable returns over the long term.

Marianne Chu

Director Of Operations

Ms. Chu brings unparalleled knowledge of tangible asset investment to investors across Australia, Hong Kong and the United States. With experience in art, property, wine and whisky; she has widespread expertise that has been instrumental in facilitating investment deals around the globe that have generated millions in returns.